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Product Details for : Acacia catechu
Khair (Acacia catechu) is a moderate size deciduous tree with rough dark gray brown bark. It belongs to family Leguminoseae-mimoseae. It is said that the name ‘catechu' was given to it because its bristles resemble the claws of animals of the cat family or maybe because its heart wood contains cutch. It is also called khoira, koir, kheriya baval, kher babul, kagli, cachu, kugli, kaderi and sandra in local Indian languages

Khair grows naturally all over Haryana and the rest of Indian subcontinent areas experiencing average rainfall, in the whole of the Indo Gangetic plain from Assam westwards, right up to Afghanistan. Also from sea coast to Deccan Plateau and then northwards to the lower Himalayan ranges having an altitude up to about 1250 m or so.
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