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Product Details for : Acacia auriculiformis
Used for fuelwood plantations as an ornamental and shade tree, quite tolerant of heat, the Australian species is widely planted in Oceana and southeast Asia. The wood is also employed for making farm tools and furniture (NAS, 1983a). Recent Australian tests suggest that 10-year old trees can be pulped readily by the sulfate process, giving high pulp yields, with good strength properties. Also produces high quality pulp by the neutral sulfite semichemical process. The tannin produces a good quality leather, inclined to redden upon exposure to sunlight (NAS, 1980a). The plant is amazing in its ability to recolonize wastes, papermill sludge, pH ca 9.5; even uranium spoils, pH ca 3.0; the only tree found on 20-year old uranium spoil. Used for the cultivation of the lac insect in India.
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