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Product Details for : GUM KARAYA

Gum Karaya is the dried exudate of the Sterculia Urens tree. These are large bush trees that grow about 9 metres high. In order to produce the gum, the trees are tapped and exudation begins immediately and continues for several days forming irregular lumps (or tears) which may weigh up to 2 Kgs


Gum Karaya is used extensively in various totally unrelated industries because of

the properties such as water absorbing / moisture absorbing, gel and film forming,

adhesiveness abilities. It is highly resistance to hydrolysis by mild acids and

degradation by most of the microorganisms.

Industrial Applications: In petroleum and gas producing industries the Gum

Karaya is used in formulations of drilling fluids in removing calcareous

deposits in the wells. Gum Karaya added to the lime-base drilling fluids to

prevent water loss after reducing its viscosity by heating at 90
oc. for 10 hrs.2. Paper and Pulp: Gum Karaya is used in the paper industry for the

manufacturing of certain special quality papers. It deflocculates the fibres and

serves as binder for fibres. Use of Gum Karaya results in light weight sheets

of improved formation and strength.

Leather and Allied Products: In leather industry it is employed as an

ingredient of dressing compositions and in proportions for accelerating the

tannin action weighing compositions. Gum Karaya is also used in the

manufacture of collagen fibre material.

Miscellaneous Industrial Products: Low grade gum served as a more

efficient binder in the briquette (a block of compressed coal dust).

5. Textile Gum Karaya in powder form is used as a binding material in many of

the textile industries.

6. Food Industry:

1) Sugar: Acceleration of settling rates of first carbonation juice in beet

sugar manufacture can be accelerated by the addition of small amount of

a dilute solution of a natural gum such as Gum Karaya. The addition of

gum / stabilizer improves the quality of juice.

2) Meats: Gum Karaya serves as a less adhesive water absorber in the

final ground meat products and as an emulsifier and binder during meat

processing. Gum also gives the product a smooth appearance. During

meat processing such as chapping, curing, smoking, cooking, chilling, the

added Gum Karaya acts as an emulsifying and binding agent by

absorbing moisture and stored product.

3) Salad dressings: In salad dressing Gum Karaya is used as a stabilizer by

increasing the water, oil emulsion and thereby preventing or slowing


4) Sauces, Condiment Bases, Ketchups, Sweet pickle & liquor: In the above

items Gum Karaya acts as a stabilizer on 0.1% to 1% by increasing the

viscosity. It retards the movements of solid particles or liquids of different


5) Baked Foods: A mixture of karaya and arbic gums gave some good

results as an emulsifying agent, Gum Karaya mixture & biscuits improves

the appearance, symmetry, grain and tenderness whereas in bread it

increases the volume and improves the softness, symmetry, extreme,

cream color, taste, odour.


Karaya gum can be used in making synthetic pulp for fruit juices because of its

cold water swelling property.

Medicinal Uses: Gum Karaya also used for constipation, liverticular disease

and as laxative. Also used to osmotic aids through gum which is from powder,

paste, ring, disk, a sheet board advantageous only the other adhesive plasters

and cements specially immediately after post surgical core of skin / sensitive

skins or in soothing to skin, less likely to produce softness, darker support

microbial growth.

Sores and Wound: It found that the application of powdered Gum Karaya

stimulated granulation and healed the resistant bed sores in few patients.

Gum Karaya powder packed in to open wounds increased the normal

granulation tissue and also resulted in good epidermal in growth.

Gum Karaya is also used in dentine adhesive, medical adhesive tapes for the

treatment of stomatities and also used in preparation of pressure-sensitive

masking tapes, medical jellies, pastes.

Cosmetics: The film forming property of Gum Karaya makes it useful in the

hair setting preparations of hair dressing lotions and finger wave lotions for the

beauty trade.

Other Uses: Also used in linoleum, Ice creams, Jellies, Varnishes, Inks,

Rubber compositions, Oil cloth, Paper coating, Polishes and Engraving


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