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Product Details for : Gmelina arborea
Botanical Name : Gmelina Arborea
English Name : Meloni tree
Hindi Name : Gamhar, Shivan, Sal
Sanskrit Name : Kashmiri, Bhadraparni

Gmelina is a medium size tree found in tropical warm countries of the world.  It is native to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Malaysia and it is also, found in the forests of Brazil, Gambia, and Ivory Coast.

Gmelina is a tree of Verbenaceae plant family. This is a Moderate size tree. The leaves are large and hairy from below. The flowers bloom in February to April. The flowers are yellowish. The timber from the tree is very hard.


The oil from the tree parts is very good muscle stimulant. The flowers are useful in blood purification and leprosy. The tree is mainly used for timber.

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