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Product Details for : Platanus orientalis

The common name of this tree is Oriental plane. This tree is infrequent in London, with a few trees to be found in most localities, though they may need to be searched for. The species is variable and the trees cannot always be easily distinguished from the hybrid London plane. It is possible that interbreeding with the hybrid planes has contributed further to variation. Variation within the species can be seen in many aspects, including leaf shape, colour and texture of the leaf, and in the patterns of growth of the branches and crown. Some selected and distinct varieties are more commonly seen than the wild types.

The native range of Platanus orientalis extends from Asia Minor to Iran, possibly extending to the Iberian Peninsula in the west and Nepal in the east. It is widely planted as a large ornamental tree beyond its range. It is known that there is a lot of variation within the species, and some of the cultivated forms may be local subspecies. It is capable of reaching a height of 50m and more in the wild.

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