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Product Details for : Ricinus communis

Probably native to Africa, Castorbean has been introduced and is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical areas of the world, frequently appearing spontaneously.

Coarse perennial, 10–13 m tall in the tropics, with the stem 7.5–15 cm in diam., but usually behaves as an annual in the temperate regions 1–3 m tall; stems succulent, herbaceous, very variable in all aspects; leaves alternate, orbicular, palmately compound, 1–6 dm broad, with 6–11 toothed lobes, glabrous; flowers numerous in long inflorescences, with male flowers at the base and female flowers at the tips; petals absent in both sexes, sepals 3–5, greenish; stamens numerous, 5–10 mm long; ovary superior, 3-celled with a short style and 3 stigmas; fruit a globose capsule 2.5 cm in diameter, on an elongated pedicel, usually spiny, green turning brown on ripening, indehiscent in modern cultivars, usually containing 3 seeds; seeds ovoid, tick-like, shiny, 0.5–1.5 cm long, carunculate, vari-color with base color white, gray, brownish, yellow, brown, red, or black, with the outer pattern gray or brown to black, the pattern varying from fine to coarse, veined or finely dotted to large splotches, poisonous and allergenic, possibly fatel, from 1,000 to 11,000 per kg, commercial varieties having 2200 to 3200 per kg (Reed, 1976).

  Abelmoschus moschatus   Abies Pindrow   Abroma augusta
  Abrus Precatorius   Abrus precatorius   Acacia arabica
  Acacia auriculiformis   Acacia catechu   Acacia concinna
  Acacia dealbata   Acacia farnesiana   Acacia mangium
  Acacia mearnsii   Acacia melanoxylon   Acer caesium
  Acer oblongum   Adenanthera pavonina   Adhatoda Vasica
  Adina cordifolia   Aegle marmelos   Aesculus assamica
  Aesculus Hippocastanum   Aesculus indica   AGARWOOD OIL
  Ailanthus excelsa   AJOWAN OIL   Albizia amara
  Albizia amara   Albizia chinensis   Albizia falcatria

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