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Product Details for : Terminalia alata

White Chuglam, Silver Grey Wood

A medium-sized to fairly large deciduous tree up to 35 m tall, bole up to 200 cm in diameter, bark surface with deep vertical fissures and transverse cracks, dark grey to blackish, inner bark reddish. Leaves oblong to ovate-oblong, 7-20 cm x 4-10 cm, base obtuse, often oblique, apex rounded to acute, glabrous to tomentose, with 10-16 pairs of secondary veins, with a pair of stalked glands on the midrib near the base below, petiole 1-2 cm long. Flowers in an axillary or terminal spike 6-15 cm long, calyx tube pubescent. Fruit broadly ellipsoid, 4-6 cm x 2.5-5 cm, 5-winged, wings coriaceous, glabrous, 1-2 cm broad.<br><br>

Functional uses

Fodder: The leaves are used as fodder in Nepal. Medicine: The bark is used medicinally against diarrhoea. Oxalic acid can be extracted from it. Tannin or dyestuff: The bark and especially the fruit yield pyrogallol and catechol to dye and tan leather. Timber: T. alata is a valuable and commercial source of timber and may have potential in other South-East Asian countries. The wood is used as terminalia e.g. for house building, furniture, tool handles, and for underwater purposes. When quarter-sawn, the wood yields attractive veneer.

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