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Product Details for : Morus Alba

Morus Alba

Botanical name : MORUS ALBA


Part Used : Morus bark, morus leaves, morus roots

Habitat : Through out warmer parts of india, intanks, ponds and dithches

Uses :Mulberry fruit is used to treat weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue, anemia, and incontinence. The leaves are used to promote sweating, and the branches and bark for lowering blood pressure. It is also said that Mulberry can inhibit the premature graying of hair, and when used topically can promote hair growth.Mulberry can help treat chronic diseases of the digestive tract, improve digestion, stimulate the appetite, promote gastric juice secretion and eliminate constipation. It has also been used in treating chronic gastritis and hepatitis. It is helpfull in cough, dyspepsia, facial dropsy, oedema, injury and Oligura.

Product offered : Mulberry bark, Mulberry leaves, Mulberry roots (on order)
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