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Product Details for : Triticum sativum

Triticum Sativum


Family Name : POACEAE


Part Used : Grains

Habitat : Widely cultivated in India.

Uses : It is the source of flour for the world's bread making. Main use is for flour and bread-stuffs known by various names throughout the world. Grain also is the source of alcoholic beverages, beer, industrial alcohol made into synthetic rubber and explosives. Bran from flour milling also an important livestock feed. Germ is valuable addition to feed concentrate.

Grain fed to livestock whole or coarsely ground. Starch is used for pastes and sizing textiles. The seeds are used in folk remedies for cancers, corns, tumors, warts and whitlow
It is used as a shampoo and vulnerary,common wheat is a folk remedy for burns, warts, whitlow, diarrhea, dysentery, ecchymosis, epistaxis, fertility, fever, flux, gravel, hematuria, hemoptysis, cancer, hemorrhage, incontinence, leprosy, menorrhagia, neurasthenia, night sweat, perspiration, scald, tumor and wounds.

Straw made into mats, carpets, baskets, used for packing material, cattle bedding and paper manufacturing.

Parts Offered : Seeds
  Abelmoschus moschatus   Abies Pindrow   Abroma augusta
  Abrus Precatorius   Abrus precatorius   Acacia arabica
  Acacia auriculiformis   Acacia catechu   Acacia concinna
  Acacia dealbata   Acacia farnesiana   Acacia mangium
  Acacia mearnsii   Acacia melanoxylon   Acer caesium
  Acer oblongum   Adenanthera pavonina   Adhatoda Vasica
  Adina cordifolia   Aegle marmelos   Aesculus assamica
  Aesculus Hippocastanum   Aesculus indica   AGARWOOD OIL
  Ailanthus excelsa   AJOWAN OIL   Albizia amara
  Albizia amara   Albizia chinensis   Albizia falcatria

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