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Product Details for : THUJA WOOD OIL


Thuja is a tree reaching 30 to 60 feet tall with horizontal branches and scale-like, green needles. This aromatic evergreen tree has small terminal flowers, which are either dark brown (male) or yellow green (female).

Many Native American peoples prized arbor vitae as a medicine for fever, headaches, coughs, swollen hands, and rheumatic problems. Thuja was burned as a smudge (smoky fire) for its scent and to ward off evil spirits. The 19th-century eclectic herbalists used thuja as a remedy for bronchitis, rheumatism, and uterine cancer. Thuja has also been used to treat the side effects of the smallpox vaccination


Needle, branch.


Ancient peoples burned thuja's aromatic wood along with sacrifices."Thuja" comes from the Latin form of the Greek word thero (to sacrifice). Other species of thuja were used in Egypt for embalming the dead. The botanist Carolus Clusius called the tree arbor vitae, Latin for "tree of life", when he saw one that had been imported from Canada to France. Native Americans used the plant for canoes, baskets, and perfumes, and sometimes boiled twigs for broth when other foods were unavailable or scarce. Oriental thuja, or Platylactus orientalis, has been popular in China for thousands of years, where thuja was cultivated for religious and ornamental purposes.

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