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Product Details for : PUMPKIN SEED OIL


Styrian pumpkin fields bring around 500 kgs of dried pumpkin seeds per hectare. And for 1 litres oil you need around 2.5 kgs of dried pumpkin seeds. From these seeds without any shell, which are a natural food and which are processed to a dark green oil, which looks a litte bit red, when the light is shining through. The pressing is done an old way since more than 100 years after a soft roasting. High quality produced oil is a natural product with a fresh and typical taste and colour. With wrong storage it can get rancid, so always a cool and dark storage is necessary, when the bottle is opened once. Learn at the following pages how Austrian people use the oil and which way they consume the healthness every day. We produce not only pumpkin seed oil, we make also a specific pumpkin seed mustard.

  Abelmoschus moschatus   Abies Pindrow   Abroma augusta
  Abrus Precatorius   Abrus precatorius   Acacia arabica
  Acacia auriculiformis   Acacia catechu   Acacia concinna
  Acacia dealbata   Acacia farnesiana   Acacia mangium
  Acacia mearnsii   Acacia melanoxylon   Acer caesium
  Acer oblongum   Adenanthera pavonina   Adhatoda Vasica
  Adina cordifolia   Aegle marmelos   Aesculus assamica
  Aesculus Hippocastanum   Aesculus indica   AGARWOOD OIL
  Ailanthus excelsa   AJOWAN OIL   Albizia amara
  Albizia amara   Albizia chinensis   Albizia falcatria

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