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Product Details for : Cassia alata

Cassia alata

An erect tropical, annual herb with leathery compounded leaves. It grows up to 6' tall. This perennial shrub has erect waxy yellow spikes that resemble fat candles before the individual blossoms open.
The large leaves are bilateral - symetrical opposed and fold together at night.
The fruit is a pod, while the seeds are small and square.
Wild senna is indigenous to Suriname and it is found in secondary vegetation or along riverbanks or moist and even wet spots.
It is also a host plant to many species of sulphur caterpillars, included the orange barred sulphure.
Guajava is a fast grower and will flower in the first year.
The leaves have laxative properties and can be effective as such.
Ringworm cassia also has antimicrobial - and antifungus activity and can be used against dermatophyte infections such as tidea pedis (athlete's foot).

No. of seeds in 1 kg = 30,000

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