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Product Details for : Ficus religiosa

Ficus Religiosa

Botanical Name : FICUS RELIGIOSA

Family Name : MORACEAE


Part Used : Bark, Leaves, Tender shoots, Latex, Seeds, Fruits

Habitat : Found throughout India and also cultivated.

Uses :The bark is cooling and astringent and is useful in inflammations and glandular swellings of neck. Root bark is good for stomatitis, clean ulcers and it is astringent in leucorrhoea and promotes granulations. According to Unani system of medicine, root, bark is aphrodisiac and also good for lumbago. Roots are said to be good for gout. The roots are chewed to prevent gum disease. The fruit is laxative, promotes digestion, aphrodisiac and checks vomiting. Ripe fruits are alexipharmic (an antidote or defensive remedy against poison, venom or infection), are good for foul taste, thirst and heart disease. The powdered fruit is taken for asthma. The seeds are cooling, laxative and refrigerant. Seeds are useful in urinary troubles. The leaves alone are used to treat constipation. The leaves and young shoots together are purgative (strong laxative).

Parts Offered :Leaves, bark, roots, fruits
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